Application Method For Canada Student Visa – Apply Online

Application Method For Canadian Student Visa – Apply Online

As a student who aspires to continue your academic career in Canada, it is important you get a study permit before going to Canada. Courses or programs less than 6 months duration may not require you to get a Canadian study permit. Nevertheless, it is very important to get your study permit before going o Canada, as it is easier to renew once you are in Canada. Canadian study permit for full-time students at a reputable accredited higher institution in Canada provides them the opportunity to work on campus and off-campus. It also provides them the opportunity of becoming permanent residents after graduation.


How To Apply For Canadian Study Permit

Basically, there are two ways you can apply for a Canadian study permit- online application and paper application. Both application processes can be obtained from the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website.

The paper application process takes a longer time compared to the online application, as it will require manual operations.

Processing your study permit online will require you to get a debit card for online payments, and electronic gadgets like scanners and cameras for uploading relevant documents during the application process.

If you encounter any challenge regarding documents to upload during the application process, it is advisable to seek the help of the visa office in your country for clarity as required documents may vary based on the location of the study permit application.

Find here the best methods for Canada Visa Application online for new immigrants.

Obtaining A Canadian Student Visa

The first stage to getting a Canadian study permit is by obtaining an official letter of acceptance from a reputable tertiary institution in Canada. If you applied to study in any university in Quebec, you must apply for a certificate of acceptance (CAQ) from the government of Quebec. All these forms can be processed and delivered online for printing once you request them from the university offering you admission. It is important to note that you only qualify to apply for a Canadian study permit when you have received your letter of acceptance from the university in Canada offering admission.

Having obtained your letter of acceptance, the next step is to apply for a Canadian student visa which can be obtained from the CIC website or by visiting the local visa office or Canadian embassy in your country. In some cases, while applying for a student visa, you might be required to also get a temporary residence permit. There is nothing to worry about as both applications will be processed at the same time.

On the CIC website, you will be required to answer a few personal questions to determine your eligibility for obtaining a Canadian visa. Also, information regarding the documents to provide will be made available to you. Once your eligibility to apply for a Canadian student visa has been approved, you will be sent a checklist code valid for 60 days. This code will enable you to submit your application online.

It is advisable to print out the page capturing your code in case of future references, as it contains application guides, a list of relevant documents, and estimated tuition fees.

Whenever you are ready to apply within the stipulated time frame of 60days, create a MyCIC account on the website, you will be asked to provide your checklist code. Once you have entered the checklist code, you will be provided with lists of documents to upload to CIC. After successfully uploading the required documents and paying the relevant fees, you can submit your application to CIC for assessment.

You might be required to attend an interview at the local visa office in your country during the application process.

Some additional requirements which might be required during the application process include;

Biometrics (Photograph and fingerprints)

Medical report

Police clearance

Bank statement

Valid passport