Best Methods For Canada Visa Application – Apply Online

Canada Visa Application – Apply Online

Going to Canada is the dream of many foreigners across the world. If you are one of such people, then you need to apply for a Canadian visa online to kick start your dream of going to Canada. You can apply for a Canadian visa online by following the steps below.


Step1: Visa Type and Eligibility

Before you start your online Canadian visa application, you need to visit the IRCC website to check your eligibility for visa application and the type of visa available to you.

There are guidelines attached to each visa category. Ensure to abide by them as failure to do so might result in some complications while processing your visa.


Step2: Visa Application Form

On the IRCC website, fill out the visa application form and upload the necessary supporting documentation as stated on the official IRCC document checklist.

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Step3: Book An Appointment

After successfully applying for your visa online, the next step is to book a biometric capturing appointment with a visa application center available to you.

Once the appointment has been approved, you will receive a mail confirming your appointment and the schedule of the appointment. The approved appointment letter usually comes with a unique reference number and details of the appointment like date, time, and location. Ensure you follow the appointment schedule to avoid complications.

Family members who applied for visas as a group will have to separately book their biometric appointments.


Step4: Pay Your Application Fee

The different categories of Canadian visas have their unique application fee as determined by IRCC. This fee is to be paid after successfully applying for a Canadian visa.

Note that you will be required to pay for your Biometric and Government of Canadian fee.


Step5: Submit Your Application

After successfully providing your biometrics and all needed documents, you can submit your application online.

These steps outlined above will see you successfully apply for your Canadian visa online. If you encounter any challenge while applying, you can always refer to the IRCC guidelines on their website for clarification.