Work In Canada Without A College Degree In Canada

Work in Canada without a college degree in Canada

Are you thinking of working in Canada but have no degree? There is no problem, you can work in Canada without a college degree. There are lots of job opportunities in Canada that do not require college degrees to land them. Below are some job opportunities you might want to consider if you have no college degree.


Massage Therapist

Massage therapists are contracted by their clients to help them relax having undergone some level of stress-related duties. The massage therapist achieves this by massaging the muscles and tissues of their clients. Although there exist special massage types a client might require, the general aim still remains for them to help their clients relax. You can work in Canada as a massage therapist without a college degree, but you will be required to undergo a 2-3 years massage training program to gain complete knowledge of the exercise under the supervision of massage supervisors. The average fee for a massage therapist in Canada is estimated to be $51.96 per hour



Welders are highly sought after in Canada. Their pay rate is one of the highest for jobs not requiring college degrees. Applicants applying for welding jobs in Canada might be asked to provide a high school diploma or certificate by some companies.


Construction Worker

This type of job opportunity is dependent on an applicant’s on-site experience. Most companies in Canada prefer your work experience and ability to carry out on-site operations to a college degree. In special cases, you might be asked to provide a high school certificate.


Farm Workers

Canada is regarded as one of the largest producers in the agricultural sector. The agricultural sector contributes immensely to the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country. As a farmworker in Canada, you need no college certifications to get the job. All you need to work as a farmworker in Canada is your visa and some experience in farm operations. Some provinces within Canada that are in need of farmworkers are; Ontario, Yukon, Prince Edward Island, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and New Brunswick.


Library Assistant

one of the jobs that you can easily get in Canada without a college degree is library assistant. The job requires you to issue, receive, sort, and reshelve books, journals, and materials alike along with updating electronic files to meet library users’ needs. Librarians in Canada are paid handsomely. If you consider getting a college degree sometime in the future, taking a similar path in becoming a librarian will see your salary increase immensely. The average estimated fee for library assistants is $13.50 per hour


School Bus Driver

You might want to consider being a school bus driver in Canada if you have no college qualifications, though the requirements differ from province to province. A school bus driver in Ontario would be required by the Provincial Ministry of Transport to undergo a School Bus Driver Improvement Course (SBDIC) which would last for just a few days. The course covers licensing and legislative aspects which deal with driver fatigue and strategic driving methods.


Land Surveyor

Working as a land surveyor without a college degree in Canada can earn you a pretty decent salary, but you will be required to provide a high school diploma. You can boost your salary level by improving your work experience as a land surveyor. The annual salary for land surveyors once you have obtained your professional license in Canada ranges from $38,000 to 180,000 annually.


Fire Fighter

The basic requirements for firefighters in Canada are a high school diploma and certifications in CPR and first aid treatments. It is one of the great jobs in Canada to apply for if you don’t have a college degree. Some notable requirements to boost your chances of employment may include good communication skills, an excellent understanding of the English language, and no records of theft or any criminal activity. Firefighters in Canada earn between $38,000 to $100,000 annually.



Truck drivers are in high demand in Canada. According to statistics, there are over 300,00 truck drivers currently working in Canada. Irrespective of this number of truck drivers in the country, industries are seeking more truck drivers to enable them to distribute their products quickly to customers in different parts of the country.

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Railway Maintenance Worker

If you would like to work in Canada as a railway maintenance worker, then all you need is railway maintenance experience. In some cases, you might be asked to provide a certificate of experience from one or two railway industries in Canada to validate your knowledge and experience in railway operations. As a railway maintenance worker in Canada, you get paid around $23.25 per hour depending on your duties.