Best Ways To Legally Obtain Canadian Permanent Residence

Canadian Permanent Residence

Becoming a permanent resident in Canada comes with lots of benefits, but there are certain requirements you must meet before becoming a permanent resident in Canada. A permanent resident in Canada is a foreign citizen who has obtained the status of a permanent resident from the Canadian government. being a permanent resident in Canada does not automatically make you a Canadian citizen, but you are entitled to certain benefits similar to that of Canadian citizens. The benefits of becoming a permanent resident in Canada include:

  • The right to live, study and work in any part of Canada
  • Access to healthcare and social services
  • Protection under the Canadian law and the Canadian charter of rights and freedom
  • Ability to apply for full citizenship having met the requirements
  • Ease to leave and enter the country using the Canadian Permanent Resident card (PR card) or Permanent Resident Travel Document (PRTD)

You can obtain permanent residence in Canada by applying under any of the following programs:

  • Economic immigration
  • Business immigration
  • Family sponsorship
  • Refugee/humanitarian programs


Permanent Residence Card

Permanent Residence Card is a document issued by the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to confirm the permanent resident status of the applicant. This card can be used by the person to travel in and out of the country with ease. It is important to state that you only qualify to apply for this card after your permanent resident application has been approved.


Renewal of Permanent Residence Card

The valid duration of a permanent residence card is usually five years, except in some cases where it could be valid for only a year. It is very important for applicants to always keep track of the valid duration of their cards and to immediately apply for renewal upon the first 6 months of their cards’ expiration.

The permanent resident status is not lost once your card expires. You can only lose your permanent resident status by officially applying for it to be revoked by the IRCC.


Permanent Residence Travel Document

The Permanent Residence Travel document is used as a substitute for the PR card by a permanent resident that is outside of Canada and wishes to enter the country. It is usually used when a permanent resident has no valid PR card or an expired PR card. A permanent resident travel document is only used for a single trip into Canada, this is to provide the permanent resident the opportunity to apply for a permanent residence card or renew an expired permanent residence card.

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Residency Obligation

Canadian residence obligation refers to the requirements a person applying for permanent is expected to maintain to earn the status of permanent resident in Canada.

The Canadian residency obligation stipulates that the said applicant must be physically available for 730 days over 5 years. Applicants must ensure they can uphold this condition before applying to avoid complications.