Things You Need To Know About The Federal Skilled Workers Program In Canada


This program is for skilled workers with foreign work experience and relevant qualifications to meet the requirements of the job. The skilled work includes:

Professional jobs (skill level A)

Technical job and skilled trade (skill level B)

Management jobs (skill level O)

To boost your chances of landing a job in any of the skill levels mentioned above, you must meet two basic requirements – educational qualification and communication ability. These requirements are aside from the skilled work experience stipulated.

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Selection criteria for the federal skilled program in Canada

  • Educational qualification
  • Communication and language skills
  • Age
  • Societal and environmental adaptability
  • Work experience
  • Proof of employment

Applicants under the federal skilled workers’ program are assessed under these selection criteria using a 100-point base grade for rating. Applicants have to score at least 67 points to qualify for the program.

Grading System of The Selection Criteria

Educational qualification: the grade score is dependent on the provided qualifications by the applicant. The maximum point for this category is 25 points.

Communication and Language skills: in this category, the communication skills of applicants based on the two officially recognized languages of the country are assessed. The first official language in Canada is English with a maximum point of 24 while the second official language, French, has a maximum point of 4.

In total, the allocated points for communication and language skills is 28 points.

Age: applicants within the age of 18 – 35 years will be awarded a maximum of 12 points. Applicants whose ages are above 35 years will lose points with an increase in their ages,

 Societal and environmental adaptability: here, applicants are assessed based on their ease of adaptability to Canadian society. Issues regarding previous works or study experience, relatives, spouse, and ease of integrating into work areas will be assessed as well. A maximum of 10 points is allocated to this category.

Work experience: this category of the applicant’s assessment captures the applicant’s years of work experience. Applicants can look up their work experience grades in the National Occupation Classification. A maximum of 15 points is allocated to this category.

Proof of employment: applicants having valid job offers in Canada with at least one-year duration may be awarded 10 points.

Proof of fund: as an extra requirement, you must provide proof of fund or family in Canada with the capacity to support you. The requirement might be waivered if you have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer.