Top Interesting Information You Need To Know About Dubai

Top Interesting Information You Need To Know About Dubai

Dubai is by far one of the finest cities in the world. It has its characteristic atmosphere, amazing culture, and ever-growing technology. This fast-growing city can have you coming back for more fun once you have experienced its beauty. There are so many amazing facts about Dubai. Below are some of the top interesting facts you need to know about Dubai.


Modern City Design

The city of Dubai is well planned with ease of navigation even for tourists with little experience about the city. The buildings, transportation system, advanced technology, and healthcare system portrays Dubai as one of the best cities to visit in the world.


Global City

The city of Dubai is home to people of various cultures coming from different parts of the world. People go to Dubai for business trips, to relax and have or to invest in the city’s economy. Dubai has a lot of language schools and amazing restaurants designed to accommodate and meet the needs of different foreign nationals coming into the country.

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Home To The Tallest Building

The city of Dubai is well known for having exotic tall buildings and skyscrapers. The famous Burj Khalifa was inaugurated in 2010, which is the tallest building in the world with a height of 828 meters harboring 163 floors is located in Dubai. While in Dubai, you can visit the Burj Khalifa to enjoy the outstanding creative work of art and catch a glimpse of the skyline.


Safe City

Dubai is considered one of the safest cities to live in the world. The security personnel in the city are committed to jobs of ensuring that crime is reduced to the barest minimum in the city. Also, the city’s local laws play a huge role in keeping the city free from crimes.

If you are looking for a safe city to visit, you might want to visit Dubai as the city is heavily monitored and the crime rate is very low.



The city of Dubai is fast establishing other sectors to ensure continuous growth all-round having understood that the oil reserve will not be around forever. Behind only Shanghai city in China, Dubai ranks as the city with the highest economic growth rate.

Also, the city of Dubai has the largest airport in the Middle East with flights visiting over 5 continents daily.


Air-Conditioned Bus Stop

Public transport in Dubai is rarely used by the indigenes of Dubai who rather prefer to use their cars. Public transport is mainly for immigrants who work in the city. Regardless of this difference, the city’s bus stations are air-conditioned to help passengers get through the heat as it can get over +50C sometimes.


Quality Activities

In Dubai, there are lots of activities to keep you going. Whether as an individual or a family on vacation, there are tons of activities for you and your kids. There are quad biking, shopping malls, aquarium, and so on to get everyone happy and longing for more fun.

The city also has the finest restaurants in the world with lots of varieties to meet the different needs of the foreign nationals coming into the city. You won’t have any trouble finding your favorite meals in the city.