Common Mistakes To Avoid During Visa Interviews

Mistakes To Avoid During Visa Interviews

Applying for a visa to a new country does not stop at submitting your application and making the necessary payments. You might be invited to the visa office for an interview. Your response and confidence level are some of the key determinants to your visa application getting approved or not.

There are simple mistakes visa applicants make during visa interviews that can be completely avoided. Below are some of the common mistakes that have been compiled to help you prepare better before going for a visa interview.


Irrelevant Answers To Interview Questions

Giving irrelevant answers to visa interview questions can ruin your chances of being issued a visa. It is best you prepare ahead of your interview, research possible visa interview questions, work on your confidence before going for the interview.

Visa interviewers want you to convince them why you should be given a visa to travel. They expect you to provide well-thought-out answers to every question while exhibiting full confidence.


Skipping Questions or Providing False Information

Visa interviews are conducted most times to authenticate the information you have provided during your application. Skipping relevant questions or providing false information will only jeopardize your chance of getting a visa.

It is advisable to provide only correct details as it applies to you. The visa official only seeks to understand if the details you have provided in your visa application are correct.

If you have been asked a question, make sure you understand it properly before giving answers. Giving exaggerated answers or providing false information will only ruin your chances as all details will be reconfirmed.

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Your appearance to a visa interview speaks volumes of your personality. Make a very good first-time impression as there might be no second chances. Work on your outfit, make-up, perfume, shoes and even body posture as these elements play vital roles in defining your personality.


Incomplete Supporting Documents

During visa application, you might be required to come along with copies of your supporting documents for the interview. Whether stated or not, it is best to go for the interview very prepared with all the relevant supporting documents. A missing supporting document may be all it takes to ruin your chances. Ensure you have all the needed documents with you and that they are accurate before going for the visa interview.



If there is one key element you need during interviews, it is confidence. Going to a visa interview all nervous will jeopardize your chances of getting your visa. Speak calmly, be confident but not overconfident as it also has its detriments.



You don’t want to arrive for your visa interview late as that will mean that you are not a serious person. Once a visa interview has been scheduled, you will be communicated the date and time of the interview. It is best to be at the visa office some minutes before the interview commences. This will help you to settle properly before going in for the interview.