World Countries Where You Can Get Permanent Residence Easily

Countries Where You Can Get Permanent Residence Easily

Immigrating to a new country calls for a lot of radical changes. The thought of meeting new people, starting anew, learning new cultures, and visiting places you have never been before can be very overwhelming and exciting at the same time.

One of the main factors that will make you stand out as a foreign national immigrating to a new country is your skills. Most countries appreciate and will easily take foreigners who are very competent in what they do. Another factor that will get you going asides your skills is your financial capacity.

There are several immigration programs offered by different countries across the world. It is best to look out for the program that suits you, and the financial implication of living in that country. Below are some countries where you can immigrate to and obtain permanent residence easily.


New Zealand

Foreigners under the age of 55 can easily immigrate to New Zealand under the Skilled Migration Program provided they have the right qualifications and are very skilled in their field of work. Many foreigners have immigrated to New Zealand using this immigration program. Foreigners applying under this program must understand that there are other criteria to be met asides the required skill and work experience. Foreigners who immigrate to New Zealand through this program can apply for permanent residence after 2-3 years of their stay in the country.



Australia’s immigration programs are one of the most effective in the world. Migrating to Australia using any of the immigration programs is quite easy. There are lots of immigration programs open for foreigners who want to immigrate to Australia. One of the basic requirements is that applicants must be less than 50 years with relevant skills and work experiences fitting their job offers. Some popular immigration programs that foreigners wishing to migrate to Australia would want to explore includes;

  • Skilled nominated visa
  • Temporary graduate visa
  • Employer nomination scheme
  • Global talent visa
  • Temporary skill shortage visa



Spain welcomes a lot of expatriates each year mainly because of its low cost of living, educational system, healthcare system, and amazing weather. Foreigners from Canada and America will find it very easy to immigrate to Spain as the country seeks experts who are skilled in teaching the English language. Foreigners from former Spain colonies are also provided a fast-tracking citizenship program to enable them to immigrate to the country with ease.

The golden visa program is one program that distinguishes Spain as a top country to visit. However, obtaining a permanent residence under this program will require a worthy investment plan from the applicant.



Migrating to Germany is very easy and you can obtain permanent residence if you meet all the requirements. The country is well known for its Skilled Workers Immigration Act and the different visa opportunities offered to foreigners.

Under the Skilled Workers Immigration Act, applicants can apply for a work permit for up to 4 years under a temporary residence permit. If you meet all the recommended criteria during this period, you can apply for permanent residence and subsequently German citizenship.

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Canada is known for welcoming foreigners from different parts of the world. The country has several immigration programs aimed at helping foreigners move to the country. One of such programs is the Express Scheme Program which is used to bring people of high competence and work experience into the country.

Note that the Express Scheme Program is point-based. Therefore, applicants applying under this category of immigration must be highly qualified and ready to meet all recommended criteria.