15 Jobs In Canada That Are In High Demand

15 Jobs In Canada That Are In High Demand

If you consider pursuing a job career abroad, it will interest you to know that Canada is one of the best countries you might want to achieve those goals in. There are lots of people immigrating to Canada due to the abundant job offers available and high demand for some professions, both skilled and unskilled.

This year, there has been a tremendous increase in the demand for skilled laborers such as truck drivers, construction workers, welders, and so on. Also, those in professional or administrative fields such as human resource managers, project managers, receptionists, and personal assistants are in high demand as well. Thus, it is a path worth exploring given the so many benefits attached to working in Canada.

Again, you don’t need to bother so much concerning which province to apply for a job in as there are several jobs available across each province in the country. Below are 15 job opportunities in Canada that are in high demand that you might want to consider:


Web developer

Web developers are specialists who engage in the development of computer software, applications, or programs. As a web developer in Canada, you can work for government corporations or privately owned business firms. The average annual salary for a web developer in Canada is about $69,000. Related jobs like SEO specialists, web designers, and programmers are also in high demand in Canada.


Financial Advisor

As a financial advisor, you are to provide quality financial advice or decisions that will help your corporation manage its money properly to meet its targets. Job applicants in this category should ensure that they are capable of these duties. Those who will be opportune to work in banks should be able to help them improve on their services and products. Financial advisors in Canada earn an average annual salary of $69,000.


Electrical Engineers

Electricity is one of the key components to the successful growth of many economies. Electrical engineers not only design and analyze systems but also construct and test them to ensure the system runs smoothly. They are in high demand in Canada. The average annual salary of an electrical engineer in Canada is around $92,000.



One of the high-paying jobs in Canada that may not require a college degree to land the job is welding. Welders are highly sought after in Canada. Applying for a welding job in Canada will require you to have excellent knowledge in the welding field. To boost your chances even higher, you might consider taking an underwater welding program as this welding type is in high demand in Canada. The average annual salary of welders in Canada is about $73,000 and might increase based on your experience level and expertise.


Administrative Assistant

Administrative jobs can be quite tasking sometimes given the level of paper works to be done. Administrative assistants are people who support their colleagues in administrative positions like accounting and bookkeeping to keep the daily operations of the organization smooth and running. It is one of the jobs in high demand in Canada with an average annual salary of $46,000.


Human Resource Managers

Basically, the ability of a company or an organization to function optimally is dependent on the competence of the people employed by the HR. the HRs of organizations are tasked with recruiting the right people in an organization. This position is in high demand in Canada and they earn an average annual salary of $89,000.



The majority of Canadian citizens love and keep pets. Unfortunately, there is a short supply of veterinarians in the country to attend to their lovely pets. As a veterinarian, you might want to consider pursuing your career in Canada. The average annual salary for veterinarians in Canada is $96,000



Opticians are concerned with recommending the right eyeglasses to patients with vision problems. About 70% of Canadian citizens use eyeglasses to improve their vision. This number might go up considering the advancement in electronic gadgets and the need to interact using their electronic screens.

You might want to consider going to Canada if you are a professional optician. The basic requirement for you to practice in the country is to pass the National Optical Sciences Examination and register as an optician in your provincial regulatory body in the country. The average annual for opticians in Canada is $47,000.



Accountants are professionals who are skilled in budget management while overseeing the revenue and expenses of an organization. They also engage in financial auditing, taxation, and payment of company staff.

One basic requirement you will need as an accountant in Canada is the Chartered Professional Accountant Certification (CPA). The average annual salary of accountants in Canada is $59,000.


Project Manager

Project managers are one of the most sought-after professionals in Canada. These are professionals who can easily glide between one profession and another, comparing facts and managing projects suited to a budget or people.

The Project Management Profession certificate (PMP) boosts your chances of landing project management jobs in Canada. The average annual salary of project managers in Canada is $91,000.



There are plenty of industries in Canada that are looking for drivers to help them distribute their products to their customers in different parts of the country. Drivers such as truck drivers, delivery drivers, school bus drivers, and forklift drivers are in high demand in Canada. If you are a skilled driver in any of the aforementioned areas, you might want to consider taking up a job in Canada. Their average salary is $44,000.


General Laborer

This is one of the jobs in Canada which will not require a college degree from you. General laborers in Canada engage in jobs such as excavation, demolition, and site clean-ups after construction. Their average annual salary is $47,000


Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanic

Mechanics who engage in repairs and maintenance of heavy-duty equipment driven by power units might consider taking up a job in Canada as there is a high demand for them.

The energy and manufacturing sector is one very important sector in Canada that helps to keep the country’s economy running smoothly. Mechanics in this category are in high demand. The average annual salary for heavy-duty mechanics is $83,000.


University Lecturer/Professor

University lecturers and professors are highly sought after in Canada as the country considers education very important to its economic growth. There are benefits attached to being a university lecturer or professor in Canada. The average annual salary for lecturers is $83,000 and $100,00 for professors.



The healthcare system is highly valued across the world. The Canadian government employs nurses who are highly skilled in healthcare management. Nurses are highly sought after across the various provinces in the country.

The basic requirements for nurses in Canada are a bachelor’s degree and official documentation with the nursing territorial and regulatory authority. The average annual salary for nurses in Canada is $78,000.

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Some high in-demand jobs in Canada with good annual salaries you might also want to consider are cybersecurity specialists, 3D architects, environmental engineers, data scientists, system security analysts, sales associates, and software engineers.