Important Facts To Note About Working In Canada


Canada is home to industrious people who are passionate about their jobs and contribution to the country’s economy. There are a lot of job opportunities with excellent salaries and benefits to keep you going while working in the country. People hoping to migrate to Canada in search of jobs must understand that Canadians are industrious and demand people of similar quality to help them attain their set objectives. Below are some of the facts one needs to familiarize themselves with before moving to Canada.


High Demand For Educated People

With over 56% of adult Canadians having some form of tertiary qualification and a 99% literacy rate, Canada stands as one of the most educated countries in the world. Several industries and organizations in Canada are looking for educated people, graduates, and competent professionals who would help them improve the already thriving economy of the country. You can easily immigrate to Canada using this fantastic program – the Provincial Nominee program, offered by the Canadian government to help get skilled persons to come work in Canada.


Link Between Graduate Studies and Career

The Canadian government understands the importance of keeping young graduates within their related fields of study after graduation. The country developed a program known as Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) which is aimed at helping young graduates who have graduated from universities in the country to work after 3 years of graduation. Over 93% of young graduates in the country found their career jobs through this program.


Tech-Related Jobs Are In High Demand

Tech experts are in high demand in Canada. There are over 41,000 ICT companies in the company where one can easily work. Regions like British Columbia and Ontario have come up with Tech Specific draw to enable them to bring in highly qualified and competent tech professionals into the country to live and work. Also, the Waterloo region has over 2000 job openings for qualified tech experts from across the world.


Video Game Industry

The Canadian video games sector is fast booming with an estimated worth of over $4.5 billion. The sector has over 48,000 people currently working and there is an estimated 25% increase in the workforce in the next 2 years. The average annual salary of a game expert who works in the game sector is almost twice the national average annual salary.


Twice Pay Checks

Unlike most countries of the world, the Canadian system of payment is bi-weekly, that is the payments are made twice a month. The first usually comes at the beginning of the month and the second towards the middle of the month.

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Casual Attires

If you are someone who finds a hard time getting the appropriate outfit to go to work with, you might want to consider working in Canada. Although not entirely extinct, the Canadian work system provides room for you to wear casual clothes to work especially on Fridays. Most companies in the country are gradually affording their staff the privilege of putting on casual clothes to work, but the company’s dress pattern remains the same.


Lunch Breaks Are Short

Canadians are very industrious people and would commit most of their time to getting jobs done. Irrespective of this, they still afford themselves little breaks in the work environment to help them ease their minds, stretch bodies and grab some quick foods before going back to work. Compared to most countries of the world with a standard 1-hour break, the Canadian lunch break is only 30 minutes and comes in two halves each lasting 15 minutes.


Language Issues

The official languages in Canada are English and French. To easily get along in the work environment you might want to brush up on your English and French language skills.