Ultimate Guide On Processing Online Application For Canada Visa

Ultimate Guide On Processing Online Application For Canada Visa

One can easily immigrate to Canada for a short visit or tourism stay if one possesses any of the following:

  1. The Canada Temporary Resident Visa
  2. The Canada Visitor Visa

The above forms of Visas will grant one access to Canada for a designated period of time after which one is mandated to return to one’s home country or reapply for a renewal while still in Canada.

Let’s talk about the Canada Temporary Resident Visa. There are various ways and subsections through which one can obtain a Temporary Resident Visa for Canada and they include the following:

  • The Canada Business Visa
  • The Canada Student Visa
  • The Canada Super Visa
  • The Canada Diplomatic and Official Visa
  • The Canada Temporary Work Visa
  • The Temporary Residence Permit Of Canada
  • The Canada Working Holiday Visa
  • The Canada Intending Donor Visa
  • The Canada Courtesy Visa
  • The Canada Visa To Offer Birth
  • The Canada Facilitation Visa
  • The Canada Tourist Visa


If you are new to the processes involved in online application of Canada visas, then read carefully further as this article will help make everything clearer and simpler. Also, this article is important for people whose visas are expired or close to the expiration date and would still like to remain in Canada.

It is important to note that each category of visa application has its own unique requirements and procedures to follow. Even after meeting the said criteria, one can still be denied entry to Canada due to poor documentation. If you find yourself confused about the whole immigration process, it is advisable to obtain the services of an immigration consultant to help guide you through and navigate the whole processes successfully.

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While processing your application, it is pertinent to possess scanned copies of your documents relevant to the process. Also, you will need a functional MasterCard to make necessary payments.

One can commence the online application for Canada Visa Viz:

  1. An online banking profile
  2. The Canadian Government Login Key ( GC Key )

Once you start the online process, you will be assigned a reference number valid throughout the duration of your online visa application.


Listed below are the important documents needed to kickstart your online visa application For Canada:

  • A valid passport
  • A mandatory Canada Visa Application Form
  • Proof of payment for the Canada Visa Fee
  • A Valid Medical Certificate
  • A recognized police clearance certificate
  • Proof showing you have the required financial might
  • A cover letter detailing why you want to travel to Canada
  • Your identity and civil documents are also needed
  • An acceptable Canada visa application photograph
  • A letter of recommendation or letter of invitation to Canada is also required

After one submits the above required documents, one would then need to pay the visa processing fees which varies based on the type of visa. Typically, for the Canada Temporary Visa, one may be required to pay the sum of CAD$100 per applicant, with a further fee of CAD$85 for Biometric procedure per applicant.

You can start your Online Visa Application For Canada right away!

Processing of your visa application usually takes 2-3 weeks. You will be mandated to attend an interview at the Canadian Embassy in your resident country. Also note, once approved your documents will be required for verification at the port of entry.



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