Best Ways To Legally Migrate To Canada

Migrating to Canada is one of the best choices for any intending immigrant hoping to live and experience a whole new lease of life all by themselves or with their family.

Canada, without doubt, is a magnificent country with an amazing environment, top security, a very stable economy and immense quality job/employment opportunities can be found here.

What’s more, Canada is highly favorable, accommodating and welcoming to new immigrants. The Government of Canada constantly lobbies for highly skilled foreigners to fill up abundant available job positions while experiencing a taste of the country’s high standard of living.

You might want to know, why does Canada appeal to the teeming population of immigrants and foreigners seeking to migrate abroad for greener pastures? Well, we have decided to highlight some of those incentives present in Canada below.

Job Opportunities Abound

Canada possesses lucrative broad job opportunities and offers which are easily accessible to foreign migrants due to the early retirement often seen in Canada’s workforce and their subsequent relocation to other countries too.

There are numerous jobs present in Canada for migrants and this has led to the Canadian Government designing various immigration programs and systems to accommodate skilled foreigners and thereby making the process of immigrating to Canada a relatively easy one.

Some of the more common jobs constantly in demand include Teachers, Farmers, Nurses, Engineers, and IT ( tech-related jobs ).

Quality Of Life

In contrast to most western countries, the standard of living available to foreigners in Canada is truly something to look forward to. Canada still remains the most sought after country and one of the most foreign populated country because of this factor.

Houses are easily affordable, most citizens and permanent residents often enjoy free healthcare services, numerous job opportunities abound and the country boasts one of the best educational systems in the world!

How To Migrate To Canada

There are several paths available to persons who intend migrating to Canada. However, we would like to present to you three major ways one can easily and quickly make that dream of moving abroad become an instant reality.

1. Express Entry Path:

Express entry is one of the quickest and most effective ways through which one can move to Canada right now and obtain permanent residency with ease.

This immigration path was created to aid skilled foreigners who are looking to migrate to Canada easily and in quick time too.

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The process for achieving this is relatively simple and can actually be done online. To do this, one needs to create an online profile, upload information about oneself, relevant work experience, and any other necessary information that may be required in the course of creating one’s profile.

For a foreign migrant to qualify, the individual has to qualify for one of the following programs which are managed by the Express Entry system of Canada

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Federal Skilled Workers Program or
  • Canada Experience Class

The individuals profile will be entered into the Express Entry Draws, usually scheduled every two weeks, and then rankings will be done according to the Comprehensive Ranking System ( CRS ).

2. Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program is a Canadian immigration pathway created for semi and unskilled foreign workers who are qualified to fill certain job positions available in selected provinces in Canada.

The provinces select candidates according to their immediate needs and job demands available in their territories.

A participant nominated by a province receives a significant boosts in points and stands a better chance of migration compared to other applicants.

3. By Becoming An International Student In Canada

Canada still remains of the most desired destinations by international students without a doubt. The country boasts a world class, high quality educational system coupled with affordable tuition and a good standard of living available to students.

After the duration of studies, it is relatively easier for students to apply for permanent residency thereby making it an appealing option available to students while making the choice of country to study abroad.

There are various other options available to select from but it is advisable to begin your application process with one of the programs highlighted above so as to achieve your dreams of moving abroad come true as quickly as possible.

Please note: Processing time for these applications are different and may depend on the type of program selected or the information made available to them. One is advised to make sure that all details and information provided are accurate and precise to avoid much delay in processing.

You are further advised to seek the help of an immigration expert if the above details seem confusing to you. This will help you avoid mistakes and also make the process simpler and smoother.

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