15 Important Things To Know Before Travelling To Australia

There are a lot of things to excite you going Down Under and it won’t be any surprise if you get carried away in the process. From swimming in the pristine waters and soaking up the summer sun to probably seeing Koalas and Kangaroos for the first time might get you all excited that you forget the rules of the country. Nevertheless, there are vital things you should know and adhere to when you are in Australia to avoid confusion and embarrassment.

Never turn up to a BBQ empty-handed

In Australia, if you get invited to a BBQ whether, at a park, beach, or house, you can’t afford to turn up empty-handed. It is expected that you show up with at least a salad dish, some meat for the BBQ, or some booze to go around. Go along with a little thing as a helping hand and thanks.

Learn to interact with the local language

Locally. Australians speak English with a little slang that tends to control their Australian English. Here are some words with American English translation to remember and help you interact better when in Australia: thongs – flip flops, togs/swimmers/bathers – bathing suit, tomato sauce – ketchup, check a U-ey – make a U-turn/turn around, do you want to join us for tea – do you want to join us for dinner.


The Summer is felt differently across each Australian city

The summer period in Australia is felt differently across the cities in Australia. Always wear plenty of sunblocks no matter the part you are in Australia during the summer period. Each city offers something different to make you feel like you are traveling to different countries, From the dry summers in Perth to the humid summer in Brisbane and cold summer in Hobart, plus a year-long summer that occurs in Darwin.


Wear lots of sunblocks

You can’t be in Australia and not want to go to the beach, soak up some rays, and get a tan. Well, if you must do that, you will have to put on lots of sunblocks because the sun can be very harsh. The ozone of the places is very thin and gets heated up in no time. Aside from that, the rays of the sun are very harmful to the skin, it can get to a point where you can feel your skin sizzling, leaving you with a sunburn that lasts weeks with the potential to blister. You should wear a hat and clothes to keep your skin well protected.


You will not see wildlife everywhere, nor is everything deadly

You might not get see Kangaroos and koalas roaming the streets as you’ve imagined, with the development going across the cities of Australia and driving the wildlife inland. If you want to see them, you should visit a wildlife park.it is important to state also that not everything you see is deadly, even if you do happen to have an encounter with a more dangerous creature, it is unlikely they will kill you.


Smoking is not welcomed in Australia

You don’t have much of a choice on the issue of smoking in Australia. It is not a cheap habit to maintain, especially with the soon to be passed into a bill $40 charge for one packet of cigarettes. It is very clear you won’t  get into the habit over there unless you’re prepared to say goodbye to that dream holiday, car, house, and the list goes on.


Don’t have pennies

The Australian notes increase in size with an increase in the denomination. The Australian money is colorful and plastic and everything is rounded up to the nearest five cents. The smallest change is five cents.



Prepare for the worst while using the internet

The internet is not as smooth and free running when compared to most developed countries like England. The internet there is very slow and expensive, but the best and cheapest option is to buy yourself a hotspot to take around with you.


Cars drive on the left

If you are going to drive in Australia, you have to keep left. Driving in Australia is common as public transport is not the best of options, although it does depend on which city you are in. if you decide on walking and taking public transport, always remember that cars drive on the left, so be sure to look right before crossing. to avoid mistakes, look both ways several times before crossing.


Football is placed below AFB and Rugby in the hierarchy of Australian sports

Football may be considered the greatest sport in other parts of the world, but not in Australia. In Australia Rugby and AFB are considered the best sports in the country, so if you happen to be in the country at the right time do well to buy tickets and head down to watch a game, or watch on the TV, over a few bottles of beer, and embrace the favorite Aussie pastimes.


Always swim between the flags

The waters in Australia are known to be shark infested so you wouldn’t want to violate the rules of any part of the waters. Always swim between the flags, this way you won’t have to bother about coming face to face with any sharks or some dangerous aquatic animal. Again, ensure you are not the only person swimming at any particular time, in other words, do not swim alone.


Show Some Respect

Always show some respect while living in Australia, especially to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders. You may not come across an entire tribe but always show some respect. They are the traditional owners of the land you are living or stepping on and such demand some respect from you which can be done verbally.


Australian Borders Are Very Strict

In Australia, some things that might get a free pass through the borders of most countries are prohibited. Some of the things that are prohibited include fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, plants, seeds, feathers, skins, drugs (although if it’s medication, it must be declared by your doctor in writing), weapons, protected wildlife, and firearms. If you try to bring certain things into the country that are prohibited, then border control will stop you, so think before you pack.


Australian Emergency Number Is 000

In case of any emergency in Australia, you expected to call triple zero (000). You will be directed to either the police, fire, or ambulance departments depending on the emergency type and its severity. If it requires an immediate response as well they will guide you through where necessary.


Australians Don’t Tip

It might be a common thing to tip in other parts of the world, but not in Australia. The minimum wage is just enough for anyone, so tipping isn’t necessary. All service charges are included in the bill, so you will never have to worry about adding extra, but if you choose to tip, it will be based on the quality of services rendered.

Going to Australia is not much of a difficult work, but you have to abide by the rules of the country. We believe the above listed things to know about Australia will help see you through your stay in Australia. you can also share your experiences with us in the comment box below.

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